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Know your farmers! The story of us...


My husband, Jon, and I met in high school.  He got his dream summer job at 17 cutting hay for a friend. I'm pretty sure that's when he got bit by the bug.  From then on, every decision we have made has brought us to this point.

We bought this beautiful old antebellum home 5 years ago and are busy restoring this farm and this house. It was built in the 1790s by the Smith family.  This house was built around the time that South Carolina was formed! That's incredible! But, that's a different story for a different time.  

We finally are at a point that we can farm the way we want to farm. We grow heirloom corn which is non GMO and focus on managing healthy soil. Want to know the secret? There it is. No shortcuts. It costs money and takes time and research to do it right. We have watched our dirt transform into a healthy, living, bionutrient rich soil that makes it possible to grow flavorful, colorful and nutritious crops. (I'll get Jon to elaborate on that another time for those who are interested)

We grow and mill heirloom corn, but there is so much more to our home than that. We grow chickens for eggs and meat, garden, store our food by canning, pasture pigs and do most of our renovations on our own. There is always a new project to work on!

So, here we are. We are not perfect, but that's just fine with me. In fact I think I like it better that way! We should have lots to laugh about and learn from.  Life is about the journey...


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  • Jon & Michelle…. Received my order today. Thank you for the surprise package of cornmeal!!! You went above and beyond to make a customer happy and I didn’t even need to ask. I am a big fan of Colonial Milling products especially the yellow grits, BEST ever!! I tell everyone about your product and often buy for gifts. Thank you again for making a customer feel appreciated. Wishing you continued success as you work to bring us quality sustainable products. Sincerely-Darlene Fleming

    Darlene M Fleming
  • How many pounds are you grits ? And do y’all give tours?

    Marvin Roderick Bostic III
  • The grits are incredible! – the cheese grit recipe is always a hit. Made some great cornbread to go with chicken stew with the white corn meal. Looking forward to trying the crab hushpuppies. Thanks for such great products


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